Polus from Among Us map recreated on a Minecraft server

Almost a year ago, a small developer’s game exploded in sales. Due to the distance and how simple it is, Among Us conquered social networks and his players. This proposal that began with 10 players and now there are up to 15 simultaneously, continues to be a source of inspiration for creators. In this opportunity, it was minecraft’s turn.

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The game has been deployed for both cell phones and PC. Its scope grew to a great level, which until recently have been releasing new updates. They have even released a new map and have other improvements planned for the following months.


The passion for Among Us and Minecraft has been combined. This has been shown by some Reddit users by uploading a photo of the Polus map from the first game. The peculiar thing is that this has been built in the other.

Polus is the third map of the game in which it has a laboratory, a meeting room and more spaces. Well, all those places were recreated in Minecraft and the user Season_Cookie was in charge of spreading it.

Map Polus of Among Us in Minecraft. | Photo: Reddit

As well as this recreation, Among Us has been the inspiration for various memes and videos on the Internet. Currently, the game has peaks of about 5,000 simultaneous users. However, this is far from the numbers it had a year ago.

It is still pending its launch for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Still without a date, it is expected to come out next summer. On the Nintendo Switch side, the game arrived at the end of 2020.


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