Pop star Florian Silbereisen is the only one missing from Andrea Berg’s anniversary show

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Of: Lisa Klugmayer

The big hit comeback.2022 on July 23, 2022 in the glass hall of the Leipzig Trade Fair in Leipzig with Florian Silbereisen.  Andrea Berg with moderator Giovanni Zarrella.  Open-air concert for Andrea Berg's 30th stage anniversary.  TV recording from July 29, 2022 (photomontage)
With 15,000 fans and the biggest hit stars in Germany, Andrea Berg is celebrating her big stage anniversary – only Florian Silbereisen is missing. (Photomontage) © IMAGO/Revierfoto & IMAGO/Bildagentur Monn

Andrea Berg celebrates her big stage anniversary with 15,000 fans and Germany’s biggest hit stars. But one thing is surprising. Although Florian Silbereisen sings on her new album, the hit star is not the only duet partner in Aspach on stage.

Aspach – Andrea Berg celebrates 30th stage anniversary. Of course, that has to be celebrated – with a two-day hit bash. The pop singer has invited the who’s who of German hits. If you go through the guest list, however, one name is missing: Florian Silbereisen.

Beatrice Egli, Nino de Angelo and Kerstin Ott: Andrea Berg lets it rip with Schlager colleagues

On August 6, the time has come: Andrea Berg transforms tranquil Aspach into a Schlager Mecca. Together with 15,000 fans and many, many pop stars, she celebrates her 30th stage anniversary. The TV spectacle was shot on July 29th and 30th, which is why the first pictures are now finding their way onto the Internet – and fans can expect something big.

Nino de Angelo and Andrea Berg - anniversary on the Showbuehne entertainment show for television and around 15,000 live visitors.
Nino de Angelo and Andrea Berg hand in hand: the two hit stars gave 100 percent for their 15,000 fans. © IMAGO / HOFER

Hand in hand in a tight cut-out dress with Nino de Angelo, on a motorbike with Kerstin Ott or in the crowd of fans with Beatrice Egli: Andrea Berg really let it rip in her anniversary show. And all the duet partners of her album “I would do it again” kept her company – all except for Florian Silbereisen. The hit star was missing on both evenings.

Pop star Florian Silbereisen is the only one missing from Andrea Berg’s anniversary show

Florian Silbereisen is not only one of the most successful hit stars of all time and sings a duet with Andrea Berg on her new album. Nevertheless, he shone in “30 Years Andrea Berg” with his absence. So did he have other professional commitments or even private ones? Was he not invited or did he cancel? To date, neither Florian Silbereisen nor Andrea Berg have commented on this.

Maybe Florian Silbereisen has to recover from the big “Schlagercomeback.2022”. One highlight followed the next on the TV show. The showmaster also worked up a sweat. Beatrice Egli therefore gave Florian Silbereisen a big cool down after the show. Sources used: ZDF/ 30 years Andrea Berg

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