Pope Francis appointed personal health assistant to the nurse who “saved his life”

Nearly a year after informing the world that a male nurse had saved his life, the Pope Francisco he specified his gratitude in the last appointment made by the Vatican. From now on, Massimiliano Strappetti will be his “personal health assistant”.

This designation comes at a time when the leader of the Catholic Church suffers from a knee problem that prevents him from standing for a long time.; so lately he has been seen moving in a wheelchair, as in his last trip to Canada. Strappetti, for his part, was already working within the jurisdiction of the Vatican before being appointed personal assistant to the Vatican. Pope Francisco.

Pope Francis in a wheelchair.

The 53-year-old health professional coordinates the direction of Health and Hygiene —the health system of the State of Vatican City—, while collaborating in helping the poor together with the beggar of the Pope FranciscoCardinal Konrad Krajewski.

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