Pope Francis received refugees and asked to establish "humanitarian corridors"

Pope Francis received refugees and asked to establish “humanitarian corridors”

Given the constant immigration to Italy, a geographically favorable objective for the citizens of Africa and the Middle East, the Pope Francisco received in the Vatican thousands of refugees and urged Europe to establish “humanitarian corridors” in order to avoid tragedies.

“The humanitarian corridors were launched in 2016 in response to the increasingly dramatic situation on the Mediterranean route”, recalled the Supreme Pontiff, adding that “today we have to say that this initiative is tragically timelyin fact, more than ever necessary; unfortunately the recent shipwreck of Cutro bears witness to this”.

After his trip to the Greek island of Lesbos, in 2016, Francis installed the so-called “humanitarian corridors”, which consist of demilitarized zones between countries in conflict that allow safe passage and the arrival of humanitarian aid for refugees for a limited time. .

In front of 6,000 refugees in the Vatican and the Sant’Egidio community – in charge of organizing the corridors – the Pope expressed that “closure in oneself or in one’s own culture is never the way to restore hope.” Likewise, he then referred to the attitude of integration that society must take for growth as a whole.

“European history has developed over the centuries through the integration of different populations and cultures. So let’s not be afraid of the future,” he said, adding that “the Mediterranean has become a graveyard and humanitarian corridors help save lives and give dignity”.

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