Popular Aldi grilled sausage fails the eco test: This product is "inadequate"

  • Grilled sausages in the eco test: 19 sausages from conventional and organic production examined
  • Only two sausages get that Rating “Very good”
  • Aldi sausage receives Rating “poor”
  • mineral oil residues, phosphatestoo much of Salt: Many sausages have defects

grilled sausages are not only one of the most popular dishes for a relaxing evening with friends or family in summer. Eco test has now 19 grilled pork sausages examined – with disturbing results.

The consumer magazine comes to the conclusion: Who in Germany grill or sausages buys should better too organic products to grab.

Grilled sausages in the Öko-Test: Mineral oil residues found in twelve products

The consumer magazine tested nine organic and ten products from conventional animal breeding. The result gives cause for concern: In twelve of the 19 grilled sausages examined the testers found saturated petroleum hydrocarbons (MOSH/MOSH analogs).

The cut was particularly bad “BBQ bratwurst hearty 10 pieces” from HoWe Wurstwaren off, the at Aldi north and Aldi south on sale is. The product took last place in the test and received the verdict “inadequate“. The reason: The measured MOSH values ​​were “increased”.

MOSH can accumulate in the human body. Exactly what effect this has is still unclear.

Mineral oil, phosphates, too much salt: Aldi grilled sausage receives a “poor” rating

But not only the impurities of the Aldi grilled sausage were criticized in the test. Also the salinity was increased in the product – as well as in five others. Besides were phosphates been added, especially for People with kidney damage and impaired kidney function can lead to damage to health.

phosphates discovered Öko-Test in total nine of the ten conventional grilled sausages tested. The additive is forbidden in organic sausages.

Alone two of the 19 sausages tested were completely convincing. The two products that received the rating “Very Good” were organic sausages. Four of the sausages from organic farming were also rated “Good”. A total of ten products – most of them from conventional production – were rated “sufficient”. The test is in the current Edition (7/2022) of the magazine Öko-Test.

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