Portrait of Tiffany Trump, the second daughter of the former US president

She is Donald Trump’s penultimate child and the one we probably know the least well. Who is this luscious blonde who is celebrating her 28th birthday this Wednesday, October 13?

Of the five children of former US President Donald Trump, Tiffany, who is celebrating her twenty-eighth birthday today, is undoubtedly the least known, the least exposed in the media. The fair-haired girl was born on October 13, 1993. Far from being as involved as her elders in dad’s campaign (which she only joined very late), she has long been like all the rich little girls of her age : self-centered on her pretty navel.

The bimbo to her dear daddy

Normal as she was one of those who love travel, taking pictures especially in swimsuits with girlfriends (including Kyra, the daughter of Robert Kennedy and Gaïa, the great granddaughter of painter Matisse), shopping in luxury boutiques with her darling big sister Ivanka, giving food to her 1.4 million Instagram followers and hanging on the neck of her current boyfriend!

Everything for his mother

Raised by her mother in California, far from the rest of the family, Tiffany is in love with her sweet daddy that she calls very simply “the center of New York”! Not too woodcock either, she has a degree in sociology and urban studies. This did not prevent this music fan from releasing a single in 2014 entitled Like a bird (like a bird in French), which will not go down in the annals (do not look for it is nowhere to be found!). A whim of a young millionaire? Not sure since she had assured on the set of Oprah Winfrey want to make it his job! His physique (1.73m), his interpersonal skills have also allowed him to work with some of the greatest fashion designers and even to parade on a few catwalks.

But her 30s approaching Trump’s second daughter has bought herself a ride and a less tarnished image than her elders. Long excluded from family businesses, Tiffany Trump was able to choose her subjects of study. Because, she collaborated with Kim Kardashian on the reform of criminal justice in the United States. An element that could weigh in its favor in the coming years. A brain, we told you! And an influencer in the making too. Heart side, no more fluttering. Tiffany Trump has also been able to choose a good match: Michael Boulos, a Nigerian-American billionaire with whom she has been cooing for 3 years. Many have criticized the announcement of her engagement – which came on the last day of Donald Trump’s presidency in January 2021 – but she does not care and is already thinking about the lavish celebration of their future marriage. “IThey both want to get married in a big ceremony, which would look like an international show“, announced a source close to the couple. Roll on the date!

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