Portugal’s turn to tighten up in the face of the 5th wave of Covid

The list of European countries that are restraining Covid restrictions is growing. Portugal, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, has announced several measures to curb the upsurge in the Covid-19 epidemic, including a week of tightened restrictions after the holiday season, said Thursday. Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

Austria, Germany, the Netherlands … These countries which are (again) tightening the screw in the face of Covid-19

“We verify a worsening of the health situation”, said Antonio Costa at a press conference following a cabinet meeting. “Now is the right time to adopt new measures” car “We are entering a phase of increased risk”, he added.

Mandatory telework after the holidays

When the end-of-year celebrations return, from January 2 to 9, teleworking will become compulsory, schoolchildren’s holidays will be extended, while bars and nightclubs will close their doors.

These measures should “Allow contact to be avoided” during this week, explained Antonio Costa.

With 87% of its population fully vaccinated, Portugal is experiencing a sharp increase in Covid-19 contamination. On Thursday, the country recorded 3,150 new cases in 24 hours according to the latest report from health authorities, a level at the highest in nearly four months.

Negative test mandatory for bars and nightclubs

To deal with this situation, as of December 1, several measures will return. Teleworking will be recommended, the mask will become compulsory indoors and the health pass required in restaurants and hotels.

In addition, a negative test will be necessary to attend major cultural or sporting events, to go to retirement homes or to bars and nightclubs. Regarding travel, a negative result must be presented for all flights to Portugal.

“The Covid-19 will still be circulating in ten years”

Controls will be “Systematic”, warned Antonio Costa, stressing that airlines that let a passenger positive for Covid travel risk a fine of 20,000 euros and a suspension of the flight license.

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Portugal, which will accelerate its anti-covid vaccine booster campaign, will vote next week on the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11, authorized Thursday by the European regulator.

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