Positive development on the labor market continues

The number of jobs in Vorarlberg has increased significantly.

The number of jobs in Vorarlberg has increased significantly.

The positive development on the Vorarlberg labor market is continuing – despite the more difficult framework conditions (keywords high inflation and delivery bottlenecks), the current figures point in the right direction.

“The local economy is showing a high level of resilience,” says Provincial Councilor Marco Tittler. The number of people employed in July rose by 3,000 to 174,000 compared to the same month last year, while the number of unemployed fell from 5.4 to 4.6 percent in the same period. Tittler announces that the state and AMS will continue to uphold their efforts in the area of ​​qualification and employment.

Intense Efforts

The good news from the domestic labor market is no reason for the state government and AMS Vorarlberg to scale back their intensive efforts in the area of ​​qualification and employment – “on the contrary”, as the state council emphasizes. A good 44 percent of the registered unemployed can demonstrate compulsory schooling as the highest level of education completed. “This is where we have to continue,” says Tittler. The common concern is to support the positive trend on the labor market.

Job offer significantly increased

The unemployment rate was 4.6 percent at the end of July 2022. With 5,860 vacancies, the job vacancy increased by 1,116 or 23.5 percent compared to the previous year. In July, there were 365 open apprenticeships compared to 161 apprenticeship seekers. 1,253 people currently have a job offer. This corresponds to 15.1 percent of all registered unemployed.

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