Positive test: Mayor Tschann in quarantine

Simon Tschann tested positive

The Mayor of Bludenz, Simon Tschann, tested positive for the corona virus with an antigen test.

Mayor Simon Tschann tested positive for the corona virus with an antigen test on Wednesday. A PCR test was also carried out, but this result is not yet available.

Nevertheless, Mayor Tschann is currently isolated and now conducts official business in the “home office”.

Symptoms of a “severe cold”

“I am currently showing symptoms similar to those of a more severe cold. Especially in this situation I would like to call on everyone again to vaccinate. The booster vaccination in particular – the third bite – is extremely important. Please vaccinate, ”Mayor Tschann appeals to the population again.

Mayor Tschann is now in contact with the employees of the office of the city of Bludenz from home. The mayor takes part in the necessary appointments via live connection. Today’s meeting of the city council of Bludenz is chaired by Vice Mayor Eva Peter. A list of possible contact persons has been drawn up.

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