Postponed Putin’s speech: Fears chaos

The Russian political scientist Sergej Markov confirms that Putin’s speech has been postponed until tomorrow, according to Sky Newsciting a post on the messaging service Telegram.

Speech to the Nation

Markov is Vladimir Putin’s former adviser, and a close friend of the president.

The Russian president was expected to address the nation on Tuesday night, just a short time after Putin announced an increase in arms production.

– The organizations in our arms industry must be prepared to deliver the necessary weapons, technology and war material as soon as possible, Putin said, according to the Interfax news agency.

“How to leave Russia”

A bill has also been passed that will give Putin the opportunity to call up new soldiers. The same decision allows for new recruits to be sent to the front without the agreed months of training.

The think tank ISW (Institute of the study of war) writes in its daily update that Russia is already sending untrained recruits to the front, thereby weakening its own mobilization.

It is not known what the content of Putin’s speech was supposed to be. He has so far claimed that he is not going to introduce general conscription and call in soldiers. A counter-notice is now expected, but if it was to come in this speech, it was not forthcoming.

At the same time, Google trends showed that searches for “How to leave Russia” went straight to the air in Russia, according to the news site Medusa.

The news that referendums will be held in the occupied Russian territories came at the same time. According to experts, it is not accidental.


The postponement has caused speculation from several quarters, and the British general Richard Shirreff refers to the situation as “quite chaotic”, according to Sky News.

– We saw it was announced that it was to be held at 20:00 Moscow time. Then we have recently seen a Twitter message from the Russian channel RT that it will not be held then after all – and anyway that time has passed, he says.

– This tells me that a certain chaos is unfolding, he added.

Many had been waiting for a long time for Putin to take the podium.

– Go to bed, wrote Margarita Simonyan, the editor of state-run Russia Today, on her own Telegram account after a while.

Last night, the condemnation of the referendums from the West was unequivocal.

It remains to be seen whether Putin will be ready to address the nation on Wednesday.

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