Postponement of the immigration bill: Retailleau denounces "immobility" of the government

With Le Figaro, the head of the Republican senators estimates this Thursday that the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin “will not be able to be satisfied with a cosmetic reform” on immigration.

The president of the Republicans group in the Senate Bruno Retailleau denounces this Thursday a “immobility” of the government after the announcement of the postponement of the immigration bill which will first take the form of a “big debate” in October in Parliament.

“The urgency claimed only a few days ago therefore no longer seems so urgent”, castigates Bruno Retailleau in an interview at Figaro. “This postponement is in fact only the consequence of the immobility to which the ‘at the same time’ Macronist leads on sovereign subjects”, he continues.

The bill, announced a week ago, was to arrive before the Senate “the week of October 10”, said a government source. But the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin was forced to postpone the examination at the request of Matignon.

Enough to trigger the ire of Senator LR when he congratulated himself on Wednesday for having obtained that the bill be examined first in the Senate dominated by the right and this “from the start of the parliamentary session”, he specifies this Friday in Le Figaro.

Measures “not concrete enough”

Bruno Retailleau also criticizes the measures announced by Gérald Darmanin, “not concrete enough” and which “do not go to the end of things”.

“I warn Gérald Darmanin: immigration is no longer under control in our country”, says Bruno Retailleau. “He will not be able to settle for a cosmetic reform”.

He refers to the declarations of the minister who said he wanted a “more intractable fight than ever against foreign delinquents”, a “profound reform of the organization of asylum” and a “more demanding integration of foreigners”.

Gérald Darmanin mentioned in particular the conditioning of a residence permit on “obtaining a certificate proving the mastery of French and the acceptance of the values ​​of the Republic”, or even the abolition of the provisions prohibiting the expulsion of foreigners delinquents (marriage, arrival in France before the age of 13).

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