Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank dies

American actor Jason David Frank, known for starring in the TV series Power Rangers died at the age of 49.

He was “Green Force”. American actor Jason David Frank, known for his role in the series Power Rangers has just died at the age of 49, according to information from TMZ.

Born in September 1973 in California, the actor had joined the series Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin in 1993. He originally played a villain, and was not to have a recurring role in the series. The role of Tommy Oliver (the green power ranger) stuck with him throughout his career. He will thus embody the character also in the cinema, in Power Rangersthe movie, in 1995, and in other television avatars of the franchise.

His role has also evolved within the formation, where he was also the white ranger, but also Zeo, the red ranger, but also Dino the black ranger.

Martial arts specialist Jason David Frank was inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame. He had even created his own current, Toso Kune Do (which means “Way of the fighting fist”), mixing several martial arts.

He was a black belt in karate, 8th dan, and a purple belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. He also created, in 1994, three Karate and MMA schools in California and Texas.

Jason David Frank was the father of four children, including actress Jenna Frank.

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