PowerA Switch Carrying Cases Mini Review: They do what they’re supposed to do

Bags and storage options for the Nintendo Switch are probably a dime a dozen. How are you supposed to know what’s good and what’s not? Admittedly, it should be relatively easy to make a decent carrying case for a handheld. But in the past we have often seen that things that are simple in theory were not always implemented so successfully in practice.

PowerA is a supplier that offers, among other things, a lot of such carrier bags, in different designs and designs. I was able to take a closer look at two of them, the Slim Case and the Protection Case, and put them through their paces.

The slim case for the Nintendo Switch

It starts with the Slim Case, which is suitable for the normal Switch, the Switch Lite and the Switch OLED. This anthracite-colored version is relatively inconspicuous overall and appeals to me from the outside. The case is compact and I feel my Switch is kept safe inside. Sure, it’s thinner and less padded than other bags, but as long as you don’t throw your Switch against a wall, it should be enough for transport in a backpack, suitcase, etc.

The holder in the middle of the slim case also serves as a stand.

Inside there are five slots for cartridges and a small mesh pocket in which you can store accessories such as a stylus. The bracket in the middle also serves as a stand for the Switch in table mode if you set it up accordingly.

In short: a functional bag with a simple design that doesn’t attract attention and takes up little space. It has replaced my previous bag and has already protected the Switch well in my backpack on two train journeys.

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The climate case.

And the protection case.

The protection case for the Nintendo Switch

The protection case for the switch, here in the white-green Nook design, matching Animal Crossing, is no longer quite as compact, but is better padded on the outside and offers a little more leeway on the inside. Behind the large zippered mesh at the top of the bag, you can store a variety of accessories, from entire Joy-Cons to wrist straps and cables.

The holder in the middle offers space for six cartridges – one more than in the slim case – as well as for two SD cards, so that you can safely store your download games and change the card if necessary. In contrast to the slim case, the holder is not suitable as a stand, it is not designed for that.

For travel, for example on the train, maybe a small disadvantage, but then there’s the other variant. The protection case is also suitable for the normal switch, the switch lite and the switch OLED. Again, the Switch feels well secured and I have no qualms about storing it in normal transport.

Both variants are also available in alternative designs if you don’t like either of these two. As a conclusion, I would say with both that you don’t Absolutely needs because they would be the hottest shit ever. However, if you’re looking for a new Switch carrying case, they’re definitely worth considering. As mentioned, there are a few minor differences and otherwise they do their job well. And that’s the most important thing in this case.

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