Powerful and autonomous, Midea robot vacuum cleaners are on sale for the start of the school year [Sponso]

With its experience in household appliances, for both individuals and businesses, Midea has managed to make a name for itself in the robot vacuum cleaner market. High-performance machines like the Midea S8+ which also have the strength to be on promotion right now.

If the world of robot vacuum cleaners seems to be divided between a few iconic devices, more discreet manufacturers are pushing the lines with excellent alternatives. Midea is one of them.

Specialized in the design of air conditioners and small and large household appliances, the Chinese manufacturer naturally turned to the world of autonomous vacuum cleaners. Devices that have everything you expect from a good vacuum cleaner in 2022, even at a reduced price.

The Midea S8+ at 385.99 euros

The least we can say is that the Midea S8+ is easily placed among high-end vacuum cleaners. Starting with his equipment.

A cylindrical brush with the “V” bristles takes care of the bulk of dust, small debris or hair. To clean a larger surface, it also relies on two rotating brushes located on each side of the device which are responsible for pushing the dust towards the main brush. Not to mention the suction power which peaks at 4,000 Pa. An integrated mop takes care of cleaning stains on the floor. It is effective, since it vibrates 500 times per minute, which makes it possible to overcome the most stubborn marks.

An efficient autonomous station // Source: Midea

Autonomy is not left out. The Midea S8+ relies on a 5,200 mAh battery that allows it to last 150 minutes before heading to its charging station. This also allows him to empty his dust bin for a maximum capacity of 200 mL. Such capacity saves you from having to empty your vacuum cleaner every four mornings.

Finally, a high-precision LDS laser sets out to map the passage area in 3D. The Midea S8+ can choose the best trajectories for the household itself. Of course, you can also control it from the dedicated application, or via your voice thanks to its compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Far from the 1,000 euros usually displayed, the Midea S8 + plummets to €385.99 at AliExpress. And this, including the docking station.

The Midea M7 Pro at 229.99 euros

Those looking for a versatile AND affordable robot vacuum cleaner would be well advised to look into the Midea M7 Pro. Not content with sucking up dust (this is the minimum required of it), the Midea M7 Pro also takes the opportunity to mop the floor in order to clean the floor thoroughly. Especially since it vibrates 500 times per minute (like that of the Midea S8+) to remove stains rather than simply rub them. Better still, its substantial water tank allows it to clean an area of ​​up to 220 m².

Meanwhile, its V-shaped brush and two rotating side brooms take care of dust and small debris. The Midea M7 Pro does not lack breath thanks to its suction of 4000 Pa. Its filter system allows it to purify the air and prevents dust from dispersing during its passage.

Midea M7 Pro
Versatility as a key word // Source: Midea

To move around, the Midea M7 Pro relies on numerous laser sensors that draw a virtual map of your home. Anti-collision and anti-fall sensors are also present to ensure risk-free navigation. It can even detect the type of floor, in order to adjust the pressure of its mop. Again, the dedicated Midea app allows you to control the behavior of the vacuum cleaner. You can schedule routines, prohibit him from particular areas and check his route. Finally, the Midea M7 Pro is compatible with Google and Alexa voice assistants.

For back to school, AliExpress saves you 61% on the price of the Midea M7 Pro, which goes to €229.99.

The Midea M7 at 199 euros

The Midea M7 is the classic version of the M7 Pro. But do not be fooled by the absence of the “Pro” mention, the Midea M7 remains a powerful vacuum cleaner. It has similar equipment, with a V-shaped brush, the height of which varies according to the type of soil, and two side brushes. A mop is also included, although it does not vibrate. In terms of suction, the Midea M7 benefits from a power of 4,000 Pa. Suffice to say that it should leave no trace after its passage.

As for autonomy, it can perform a cleaning session of 150 minutes without stopping, thanks to its 5,200 mAh battery. Being an autonomous vacuum cleaner, the Midea M7 moves around your home on its own. Numerous proximity and drop sensors take care of the navigation, while a LiDAR sensor maps the terrain and detects obstacles.

Midea M7
The best at a low price // Source: Midea

Of course, you can keep track of cleaning sessions using the Midea app. This allows you to manage many options, to plan passage routines or exclude zones. Finally, like the Midea M7 Pro, the “classic” Midea M7 is compatible with the Google Assistant or Alexa. You can therefore integrate it into your home automation and control it using your voice.

If it normally displays a price of 530 euros, the Midea M7 benefits from a discount of more than 60% at AliExpress, which brings its price down to €199.99.

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