PPDA case: the endless blindness of TF1

“But what do these good women want after all? » Talking cash, tanned leather, Anne Méaux, the communicator consulted by the big bosses as soon as a crisis comes her way, is at the headquarters of TF1, this December 2, 2021. She was asked by its CEO, Gilles Pélisson. The “PPDA” affair swells and the chain, where he allegedly committed multiple sexual assaults, is questioned. Anne Méaux is anything but insensitive to the subject, she insists, but she must defend the listed company against a challenge which – even worse – could win over its parent company, Bouygues, heavyweight of the CAC 40. “But what do they want…” – today, she does not recognize these remarks, she is the only one.

“What do they want?” Just the truth, maybe? » replies Maylis Carçabal, director of communications at TF1. Another generation. But the start of the debate is cut short. Spectators of the exchange, there are lawyers there, the HRD Arnaud Bosom, the secretary general Didier Casas, the director of information Thierry Thuillier…

Whereas ” the case “ had seemed to die out with the filing without follow-up of several complaints against PPDA, it has just resurfaced, at the end of 2021, in the daily “Liberation”: women, looks dart the lens of the photographer and, beyond, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor himself. One day he was indignant: “Never a person who dares to come, eyes in the eyes, to say to me: “there, it was not good”. » This time

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