Praet and Brekalo always on the pitch: Juric’s message in Cairo for the summer

Praet and Brekalo are central to Juric’s game, who never deprives himself of them: the technician sends signals about their future in Cairo

Like any coach, too Juric has its pupils. Praet e Brekalo, arrived at the last day of the market, they immediately entered the good graces of the technician, carving out more and more important spaces until they became immovable. However, the time to enjoy them is not so abundant: both have in fact landed under the Mole with the formula of the loan with the right of redemption, the digits however, they are quite high but the signal sent by Juric to Cairo in this first part of the season is clear: the two players are very important for his project, for the present and for the future.

Turin, Brekalo and Praet are very successful for Juric

Is Brekalo che Praet they have been deployed several times despite the precarious state of form due to some injuries. In fact, in order not to deprive himself of them, the Croatian coach has chosen to squeeze them without forcing his hand in order to ensure that extra variable ensured by the two. The Croatian attacking midfielder, author of his third goal against Udinese and grenade top scorer, ensures unpredictability and effectiveness on the offensive frotne. The Belgian instead, skillful both as a central midfielder and in a more advanced position, often manages to break through the opponent’s defensive line and manage complicated balls.

Calciomercato Torino: the prices of the redemptions of Brekalo and Praet

Juric has therefore made the two players central pieces of his puzzle on every occasion, present or future. Suffering from loans, he therefore hopes they can become his players outright, so he can work on them for the long term. To undermine the success of his plan, however, are the costs: Brekalo has the ransom set for 10 million; Praet instead to 15. The signals about what the technician would like have already been sent out loud and clear, it’s up to the company to evaluate whether to catch them or ignore them.

Praet e Brekalo

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