Predator 5: Is "prey" better than the original?

At the beginning of August, “Prey”, the latest part of the “Predator” series, will start on Disney +. Some critics have already seen the sci-fi horror action – and they are full of praise.

Prey: The first criticisms of “Predator 5”

CinemaBlend editor Stephen Libbey tweeted: “I really think ‘Prey’ the best ‘Predator’ movie could be. Not since the first movie, just the best, period. It has all the tense action but adds compelling characters, Amber Midthunder as Naru is a revelation. He’s Predator broken down to its core elements and better rebuilt.”

Film critic Shannon McGrew also praised ‘Prey’ to the skies, tweeting: “‘Prey’ is one of the best entries in the ‘Predator’ series. Significantly different from its predecessors, PREY still captures the spirit of the films while offering a unexpected heroine that is easy to root for. Visually stunning and extremely violent, prepare for heads to roll.

And film critic Tessa Smith praises: “‘Prey’ is exactly what fans want in a Predator movie – bloody deaths, insane weaponry and connections to other films in the franchise. Technically the first ‘Predator’ movie, ‘Prey’ is. thanks to crazy kills and jump scares an absolute blast. Get ready to love Amber Midthunder!”

Fandom Editor Eric Goldman echoes his fellow critics: “I loved this movie! he’s so cool It delivers really great and exciting action sequences with a badass Predator versus an amazing Amber Midthunder. It makes the most of its premise and is easily the best ‘Predator’ film since the original.”

And Gizmodo editor Germain Lussier doesn’t hide his enthusiasm either: “‘Prey’ is just as worthy and hard-hitting ‘Predator film’ as the original. Beautifully photographed, tightly written, excellent characters and some of the grittiest and most entertaining sci-fi action in the franchise. He’s exciting, funny, powerful and I can’t wait to see him again.”

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