Predictions for Mexico vs. Poland: what does Jared Borgetti say?

Authoritative voice as the second all-time top scorer for the Mexican team (46 goals in 89 games), Jared Borgetti warns in an interview with the AFP agency that El Tri “plays the qualification” to the round of 16 of the World Cup on Tuesday in his debut against Poland, in a group C that complete .

The 49-year-old former striker, second only to Chicharito Hernández’s 52 goals among Tri’s historic strikers, is in Doha to follow the World Cup as a television commentator.

“Why think about Argentina if Poland comes first? But Argentina can also be messed with, totally. Is the losing percentage against them much higher? Of course they do and more with the streak they have. But there is nothing impossible. Today I feel that the team is fine, the two games in Spain (4-1 victory against Iraq and 2-1 loss against Sweden) left ‘Tata’ Martino feeling good. I think it was a good first half with almost 95% of the squad that will start against Poland. We risk second place, because you understand that Argentina will be first. But I don’t see a Poland that can’t be hurt.”

“Perhaps they are not very confident, but rarely do you arrive like that. I remember the World Cup in Brazil-2014 that we arrived through the playoffs and people wondered what Mexico was going for, they were asked to give up that ticket because we should be ashamed. And we ended up eliminated in a game against the Netherlands at the last minute with a ‘no penalty’. We are not like on that occasion, so the path was more complicated”.

“The results have not been the best and for me it is not all his fault. There have been injuries to important players, which has had an impact on putting together a competitive team. A team has to have players who make a difference and those who made a difference in the first two years stopped counting on them”.

“I would have liked Raúl (Jiménez) to be much better. He managed to recover from his injury, although not so much in football. He is the player that ‘Tata’ trusts the most and he will wait until the end to see if he can count on him from the start. Henry Martín finished well, he was fighting for the scoring title, and Rogelio Funes Mori has also just returned from an injury and a controversy arose with him to see if Santiago Giménez would come or should have come”.

‘Memo’ Ochoa and Andrés Guardado will play their fifth World Cup and yet there are voices in Mexico that ask them to step aside. Should young people leave their place?

“In Mexico we are used to there being criticism of anything. Ochoa has always delivered, he is a safe goalkeeper, he has had excellent performances in all the World Cups. And Andrés the same, he is important for the national team and for his team. How to say that he is not for the national team if competing in the Spanish League he is a starter (with Betis)? We love to talk just to talk.”

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