“Preferably Americans”: Cathy Hummels does not want a German man after her divorce from Mats

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Cathy Hummels and Mats Hummels go their separate ways from now on. In her documentary “Everything at the beginning” she wants to fall in love again. But she can no longer imagine a German man as a partner.

Munich – Having to go it alone again after more than 13 years of relationship is not easy. Cathy Hummels (34) has nevertheless made it her mission to find her happiness even after separating from Mats Hummels (33). Instead of heartbreak and sadness about the love that has passed, the way for her is forward professionally and personally.

New documentary, new love: Cathy Hummels continues without Mats

With elaborate TV projects, Cathy Hummels tries to make a name for herself without her famous husband and to show who Cathy solo actually is. The RTL2 documentary “Everything at the beginning” accompanies her through the ups and downs of her life – from everyday life as a mother to everyday life as a sought-after presenter. The cameras follow her every step, keep an eye on her and capture every beautiful and not-so-beautiful moment.

Cathy Hummels wants to fall in love with an American after breaking up with Mats.
After almost 14 years of relationship, Cathy and Mats Hummels announced their separation in the summer. Now the 34-year-old wants to fall in love again – ideally with an American man. © Screenshot/Instagram/cathyhummels (photomontage)

Although the relationship with Mats is also discussed during the personality documentary, the native of Dachau does not seem too averse to the idea of ​​falling in love again. She once linked a fairytale love story with the soccer star, albeit very turbulent towards the end, but she has not renounced the male world – and sets out in front of the TV audience in search of romance.

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“Preferably Americans”: Cathy Hummels wants to fall in love again in Los Angeles

Searching for new love takes Cathy Hummels to the far shores of California. She wants to be matched in Los Angeles and already has a very specific idea of ​​what kind of partner she would like to have by her side. “I would prefer to have an American or an Englishman,” she describes her future sweetheart, “simply because I have the feeling that no matter which man I meet, somehow everyone knows Mats again.”

With an international dream man she would probably not have this problem – and could start from scratch. Still, it’s scary at first to go back on dates after such a long time. “That was a big step for me,” admits Cathy, “because I’m completely out of practice.” But she is aware of one thing: “Who doesn’t dare, doesn’t win.” Cathy Hummels had to swallow hard when asked a question about cheating in her documentary. Sources used: RTLZWEI / RTL + / “Cathy Hummels – Everything at the beginning”, desired.de, promipool.de

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