“Premature” travelers are ported from Arlanda – please refer to the waiting room

“This weekend we are limiting the influx to the terminal and only let in passengers who have less than 3 hours to depart,” writes the state airport company Swedavia on the airport’s website.

– We will introduce this tonight, it is a restriction of the inflow to the terminal. We are planning for this weekend, that is the information I have right now, says Ellen Laurin, press officer at Swedavia, to SVT Nyheter.

– We want to be clear that it is three hours before departure that you should arrive and not earlier. If you arrive four, five, six or eight hours before, then you may have to wait to enter the terminal.

According to Expressen early travelers will be referred to makeshift waiting rooms at the Clarion and Radisson hotels.

Lack of staff behind

The airport has had major problems with queues at check-in counters and at security checks, especially at terminal 5. The problems are a result of staff shortages at the airport. Traffic to Arlanda was shut down on several occasions last weekend, as the large congestion inside the airport was considered a safety risk.

The problems have, despite the measures taken so far, among other things the opening of terminal 4persisted.

During the weekend, the opening hours at Arlanda have also been extended – the security check will be open almost around the clock on Saturday and Sunday.

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Minister of Trade and Industry Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson (S) calls the situation at Arlanda “unacceptable”. Photo: Morning studio

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