Premieres "Walker"the series inspired by the Chuck Norris classic

TNT Series presents the series “walker” East August 6 at 7:40 p.m. A weekly chapter will be released every Saturday. The story is inspired by the popular series starring Chuck Norriswhich aired for nine seasons.

After working a couple of years as an undercover agent, Cordell Walker returns to Austin to be and reconnect with his children, after being widowed. He has his own moral code and taking advantage of his position as a Texas Ranger he begins to follow his instinct before the departure of his wife, because he suspects that her death does not seem to be what everyone has. accepted.

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Guilt haunts him and he realizes he could have done more to protect her. And since he refuses to accept her death, all his senses seem to come together in that the truth seems to be a little different. In parallel, he must face other difficulties, even more difficult than his police work: his family. From his teenage children, a disabled brother and a perceptive father who is the best example of what a rancher is.

“walker” is starring Jared Padalecki (Cordell Walker), Molly Hagan (Abeline Walker), Keegan Allen (Liam Walker), Kale Culley (August Walker), Violet Brinson (Stella Walker), Mitch Pileggi (Bonham Walker), Coby Bell (Larry James), Jeff Pierre (Trey Barnett) and Odette Annable (Geri Broussard).

Photo: Courtesy press

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