President ANDI: there is no reason to remain silent if government failures are anticipated

In the last few hours, the former president Ernest Samper commented that the president of the ANDI would be the new leader of the opposition and that he would be leading the criticism of the Laboral sector to the Tax reform that the government proposes. “The president of ANDI, the new head of the opposition, continues to threaten that if the Tax Reform is approved, millions of jobs will end and his affiliates will no longer create them. It is important to remind him that not only his sector creates jobs.”

Similarly, the former president commented that the reform of the Petro government will benefit the country in terms of creating new jobs. “With the money from the Tax Reform, it will also be possible to create many more peasant jobs, in the care economy, small business, environmental guards, and tourism. What they call a change of model!” On Samper’s claims, Bruce MacMaster spoke on 6AM Hoy por Hoy to clarify his position.

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The ANDI official mentioned that he is not very concerned about Samper’s comments, but that it is not right for a person to be delegitimized. “It doesn’t seem surprising to me given his disposition. It worries me that important people in Colombia resort to this idea that one arrives, delegitimizes the person, generates a blanket of doubts and then attacks the argument, which is what he does.”

On the other hand, he clarified that people must have the possibility of expressing what they consider about the economy and the labor sector. “What I would say to the country is that there is no reason why any sector of the economy or society should be silent; nor why we cannot make the defense that we must make; and there is no reason why we cannot fight for the jobs of Colombians. The jobs of Colombians, of course, should be important to everyone.”

“He should care about jobs in the industry, which, by the way, the argument is quite poor, because employment would be affected in all sectors. So, it is curious that he tries to generate that idea, when what we have is a threat, which he recognizes, which is the creation of new jobs and income,” he clarified.

Similarly, he clarified that what he seeks is to represent the productive sector. “They don’t have to want me in ANDI. I represent businessmen and the productive sector and they don’t have to give their opinion on that subject, I would think.”

In relation to Gustavo Petro, he clarified that for the moment the relationship has been positive. “I have no disagreement. I hope that this government has the maturity to generate objective criticism of the decisions they make, that is the exercise of the public function. We have the obligation to tell the government, society and the media when we see any errors that may be made.

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