President Bukele announces Circuit 2 of Surf City in Punta Mango, Jucuarán

On this day, President Nayib Bukele announces the creation of Surf City Circuit 2, which will begin in the east of the country, in Punta Mango, through the transformation of the 13-kilometer rural street between Usulutan and San Miguel, which will benefit directly about 800 families in the area.

“I want to show you what Circuit 2 of Surf City in Punta Mango is going to be. We are going to build a 13-kilometre highway, with a bicycle lane, underground wiring, viewpoints. A first world street,” President Nayib Bukele told the residents this afternoon, even under the rain that lashed the eastern part of the country. “Only with the construction of these 13 kilometers of street we are going to benefit 11 villages and with phase 2 we are going to benefit another large number of this same area,” he added.

“As everyone knows, the east of the country has been abandoned, I know it and you know it. For all previous governments this was a forgotten territory. All our natural wealth has been wasted and with it, all the jobs that could be given, ”reflected President Bukele.

“We have here, in Punta Mango, one of the most impressive beaches in the country, some surfers told me that it is one of the best in the world for surfing. But there is no good street. This highway is going to have seven bridges, which will improve people’s quality of life. There will also be viewpoints and 10 bus stops, this in phase 1″, explained the head of state, emphasizing that just by building a good access road, a very important door is opened for tourism and commerce that provides opportunities to settlers.

The president stressed that the residents, especially young people, will be able to have better job and education opportunities. “On these beaches there are 31 surf spots. That means that we are going to promote tourism in the area. People from Europe, the United States or South America will come to these beaches to surf,” he said.

Likewise, he announced important development projects for the municipality of Jucuarán. “With the complementary works we will benefit the residents: we are going to remodel the Jucuarán Health Unit and the school, now it will not only be the laptops or tablets but a remodeled school,” said the president.

“We want there to be employment for the youth and development for the families of these two municipalities, Jucuarán and Chirilagua,” said President Bukele.

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