President Duque asks to comply with the schedules for the delivery of Hidroituango

President Ivan Duque sent a new message to the authorities to comply with the schedule established for the delivery of Hidroituango or else there may be sanctions by the Superintendency of Public Services.

During the commemoration ceremony of the World Public Services Day and the tribute to the National Association of Public Services and Communications (Andesco) The president referred to the statements of Mayor Daniel Quintero, who after a conversation with Gustavo Petro assured that the elected president would prefer that the Hidroituango project be carried out calmly.

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“It is very important that the entry schedules of the project of Hidroituango are met, any ambivalence or uncertainty around this has implications,” warned the president.

According to the president, one could receive a sanction by the superintendent, “but it also has implications with respect to the signals that are required for supply, energy supply”

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