President of Banco Santander in Peru was shot in San Isidro for stealing his Rolex watch

President of Banco Santander in Peru was shot in San Isidro for stealing his Rolex watch

Thieves managed to snatch a Rolex watch from him and flee the scene. (Latin)

Two assailants attacked the president of the Santander Bank of the Peru, Gonzalo Echeandía Bustamante, last Friday the 17th to steal an expensive watch Rolex.

The businessman was walking down Víctor Maurtua street in the Lima district of San Isidroaccording to the images captured by the security cameras in the area, when one of the criminals approached him with a firearm in the hand.

The hooded man tried to snatch the accessory, however, echeandía resisted. Faced with this, the stranger did not hesitate to shoot him. After the removal, fled on a motorcycle with an accomplice who was waiting for him.

The economist Manuel Romero Caro communicated, through his social networks, that the official is out of danger. According to her, the bullet hit one of the victim’s feet.

“Gonzalo Echeandia, president of Banco Santander, shot in the foot for preventing his watch (a Rolex) from being stolen (…) in the middle of San Isidro. It’s already better, they are going to intervene to get a bullet out of him,” he said.

Gonzalo César Jesús Echeandía Bustamante, president of Banco Santander Peru. (Manuel Romero Caro)

The authorities presume that the criminals are part of the criminal gang “Rolex grafts”an organization dedicated exclusively to thefts similar in the streets of Lime.

One of the alleged perpetrators the venezuelan Jonatan Jose Gutierrez Sequera (37), was arrested by the National Police of Peru (PNP).

The capture occurred after members of the Homicide Division They went to the scene and, after speaking with some witnesses and watching the security videos, discovered the license plate of a vehicle that escorted the motorcycle in its escape.

In this context, the search for the car was intensified by agents of the aforementioned police instance, the investigation department of miraflores and the Special Investigation Brigade against crime foreign.

The suspect was located inside the car, outside a faucet, on Avenida Separadora Industrial in the district of tie.

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