President of Colo Colo and the renewal of Vicente Pizarro: “We have been making progress, it is a priority”

Colo Colo

Edmundo Valladares said that the 19-year-old midfielder “has every desire to continue and when that desire is there, things flow.”

Edmundo Valladares affirmed that the steering wheel is a priority and that there is progress
© Guillermo SalazarEdmundo Valladares affirmed that the steering wheel is a priority and that there is progress

From Blanco y Negro they are already beginning to work on the conformation of the squad for the next season and this afternoon there was a board meeting to address the continuity of a series of Colo Colo players.

After the request, the president of the club, Edmundo Valladares, spoke with the media and referred to the renewal of Vicente Pizarro, one of the Cacique’s great promises and who has managed to gain a place in Gustavo Quinteros’ oncenas.

In the first instance, he argued that the 19-year-old midfielder “It is priority. He and the group of projection players from Colo Colo are part of our project. We want them to lead Colo Colo towards the centenary. It is a task that we have proposed ourselves, Daniel Morón is leading that and we hope that he and many more projection guys can continue, who can give us many joys in the future “.

Regarding the current situation, he noted that “Advancing details or if there are differences is complex. They are confidential conversations. But I can anticipate that Vicente has all the desire to be able to continue in Colo Colo. When that desire is there, things flow. It is a fundamental piece of the Colo Colo that we are building, it has been in Colo Colo for eight years and it has much more to give. In his minute, a player of that category will have opportunities “.

“All things can be done before, it is part of an apprenticeship. By taking the role of presidency in Black and White we were taking a state about what was the situation of all the players. The ideal thing about Vicho is that it had been resolved before, but it is handled that way. Players validly want to take their time, accordingly. It is your future. They are analyzing offers, there is the issue of representation. They are tasks that we understand, which is not overnight. It is part of. Hopefully we can assure the players more and more in time “he added.

Finishing, he commented that with the Kaiser’s son “We have been advancing. Some who come below like Lucas Soto, Jordhy Thompson and Eduardo Villanueva are signing their first professional contracts. That fills us with satisfaction. Colo Colo already has an amount close to 20 players trained at home in the first team. It’s what we want. “

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