Pressotherapy: this is how the technology that wraps your legs works and that you can apply at home

Health technology now allows us to perform various treatments at home. With the correct equipment, and the necessary advice, we can not only treat specific situations, but also prevent for the benefit of our health.

One such treatment is pressotherapy. Through pneumatic compression equipment or 4-chamber pressotherapy. Through this technique, several benefits are obtained in the vascular and lymphatic system. Anyone with symptoms of heaviness in the legs, the beginning of varicose veins, swollen feet or legs, can find relief in this alternative.

The benefits of pressotherapy

Therapist It is a pressotherapy equipment, which prevents risks caused by fluid retention, helping to reduce swelling in the legs, ankles and feet, in addition to effectively preventing varicose veins “says Juan Raúl Bravo, Kinesiologist Product Specialist at

And the benefits of this therapy are many. For example, it helps in the final period of pregnancy or childbirth, to prevent the risks of possible venous thrombosis. It also improves the appearance of the skin and prevents cellulite.

The main function of pneumatic compression boots is to improve blood circulation, producing a series of benefits:

– Eliminates lactic acid.

– Activates the lymphatic system causing drainage and elimination of fat and toxins.

– Prevents varicose veins and spider veins. Fights adiposity and cellulite.

It also helps to bring a greater amount of oxygen to the body, optimizing a series of processes:

– Treats and improves tired legs syndrome.

– Reduces the appearance of muscle cramps.

– Optimizes muscle recovery after training or physical activity.

– Accelerates recovery from muscle injuries.

How does this technology work?

In the case of THERAPRESS PRO, the machine addresses legs, abdomen and arms (with a standard size 4-chamber arm). It is an epneumatic compression or pressure therapy equipment with 4 chambers, microprocessor controlled.

It also has a touch screen to configure therapy (pressure level up to 250 mmHg, activate or deactivate camera, 3 therapeutic modes). Its connection is fast and secure, even with its respective accessories. And you will not disturb anyone at home, since it has a silent compressor.

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