Prevent fatty liver: Natural detox cures also help you lose weight

No energy, no appetite, but regular nausea: What initially sounds like an upset stomach or a flu-like infection can also be symptoms of a sick liver be. The organ serves to detoxify the body. But if you smoke a lot, drink a lot of alcohol or eat too fat and too sugary, the liver expects a lot of waste products that it has to break down. Detox cures can help to relieve the body again. The cures also have another health benefit that should especially please those who don’t like sports.

A detox can be shortened to one day or stretched over several weeks. The first important change is to avoid alcohol and nicotine on a daily basis, ideally for a long time, so that the liver can recover. But not only alcohol, but also other beverages such as juices or soft drinks Calorie and sugar bombs that harm the liver. Healthy alternatives like water or unsweetened teas are much better for her. Two liters of it per day is recommended as a minimum.

Unhealthy food is bad for the liver

Food also plays an important role in liver health: the more Sugar and fat the foods contain, the more work the liver has to do in breaking them down. Instead of burgers, ready-made pizzas and chocolate, broccoli, radishes, radishes, artichokes or beetroot should be on the menu more often. These vegetables naturally help detoxify the liver. Dishes with garlic, turmeric, linseed oil or ginger, but also green tea, lemon juice, walnuts and salads with a high bitter content are recommended.

Sport and regular exercise also boost the metabolism, which in turn benefits the liver. Between seven and eight hours sleep adults should also indulge themselves daily in order not to stress the body too much.

If you follow the tips, you will not only benefit from a healthier liver, but also from another effect: By avoiding high-calorie foods and drinks, this will also decrease body weight. Because alcohol is converted to fat in the liver, which is not only noticeable on the scales, but can even lead to fatty liver.

Also interesting: not only the liver, but also the health of the intestines is heavily dependent on the food and drinks we consume. These 15 foods will help digestion!

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