Primavera, Torino-Milan: live formations and pre-match

The direct Primavera of Turin-Milan for the “Mamma e Papa Cairo” tournament: official line-ups, pre-match, news, results and match report

In advance of the first team, the grenade Primavera will officially open the dances today, albeit only with a friendly match. The first edition of the “Mum and Dad Cairo” trophy begins, first dedicated exclusively to Maria Giulia Castelli Cairo, mother of the patron granata, but which this year changes its name due to the death of the patron’s father. However, this is not the only novelty: if in fact the Under 19 formations of Turin, Milan, Juventus and Inter usually took the field, the current edition will see Atalanta compete in place of the latter. The tournament, which will take place between Alessandria and Quattordio, will open with the Torino-Milan semifinal at 18.30, which will see Scurto debut on the granata bench against Ignazio Abate at the stadio Comunale “GB Sillano. At 21 instead Juventus and Atalanta on the turf of the Moccagatta in Alessandria. Follow the live on

Primavera, Torino-Milan: the pre-match


First official test for Torino Primavera which will debut against Abate’s AC Milan on the occasion of one of the unmissable appointments for the grenade team: the “Mum and Dad Cairo” Trophy. Between some confirmations and some grafts, Scurto is ready to officially kick off his new adventure. The two main certainties remain Gineitisi and Ciamamglichella, both already employed by Coppitelli last season and ready to conquer a safe place even with the new coach. Milan, on the other hand, which formalized the arrival of the former Serie A defender, who played in both formations, is fresh from the purchase of Mancini, born in 2004 followed by several clubs but who chose the Rossoneri. It promises to be a good test for both clubs who will return to the field tomorrow for the 3rd-4th place final or the Grand Final.

Where to see Torino-Milan Primavera in streaming and on TV

The Torino-Milan Primavera match will be broadcast live on the Torino Channel. On the other hand, no live television coverage of the meeting is planned.

Primavera, Torino-Milan: the official formations

Waiting for communication.

Primavera, Torino-Milan: the direct

Kick-off at 18.30.

Torino-Milan direct

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