Prime Video in the process of producing a Mass Effect series with Henry Cavill?

Amazon would be about to sign a contract to make a Mass Effect series … would Henry Cavill have something to do with it?

Lovers of RPG and science fiction, here is a great news! After an adaptation of The Wheel of Time which continues to meet with great success, Amazon would – according to Deadline – on track to own the adaptation of another fan favorite: the series Mass Effect.

It must be admitted that at first glance, the legendary game developed by BioWare is one of the prime candidates for adaptation to the screen; from its vibrant universe to its strong characters through an epic saga, all the ingredients are there to bring a high-end adventure to life.

the lore extremely dense, in particular, could be a real gold mine for Amazon if the deal goes ahead. This would make it possible to offer an original story without warming up the narrative framework of the games, while remaining anchored in this universe already well in place. Something to catch the eye of those who do not know the series without putting off fans of the games.

But this adaptation would be far from being a sure hit; from Amazon’s point of view, this represents real risk-taking. And this for many reasons. First of all, this is a franchise that has built up an army of loyal fans, who know this dense universe inside out. A little like The Lord of the Rings on a smaller scale, it will require being very meticulous in writing under penalty of disgusting the fans of the first hour.

The ideal successor for The Expanse?

And the challenge promises to be at least as huge on the technical side. The franchise has the potential to become an absolutely grandiose space opera… if direction follows. Because this game is far from being an intimate camera; Mass Effect, it’s a epic on a very large scale which takes place in the four corners of the cosmos. If Amazon wants to succeed, it will therefore not be necessary to skimp on the quality of the special effects and the decorations.

Amazon is therefore attacking a big chunk. But the game is worth the candle; if the studio does end up with the license, it could be the ideal successor for The Expanse. The excellent sci-fi series is one of the nuggets of the Prime Video catalog, and probably the best works across all platforms. But it is now getting closer in its sixth and final season; a heartbreaking for the fans, and a real headache for Amazon which must fill this gaping void. And what better than a new one space-opera of Dantesque proportions to take over?

Whether or not he ends up playing in a Mass Effect series, what is certain is that Henry Cavill has already laid eyes on documents that speak of it! © GamePressure

Henry Cavill could already be on the spot!

Unfortunately, since the deal has not yet been concluded, we do not have any further details at this time. But a little piece of information that circulated on the web last February could be the beginning of the trail, and not the least. It is the very bankable Henry Cavill who then posted a funny photo on Instagram; he is found sitting in front of a mirror, where he took a selfie that contained work documents that were too blurry to read.

But there you have it, the smart kids from home Gamepressure have been extremely cunning; with a tool called Magic Focus, they were able to “Deflate” this text page to read its contents. And they must have opened their eyes as big as saucers when they could read words like “Cerberus”, “Reaper” or even “Tali’Zorah”... a vocabulary that unambiguously points to the world of Mass Effect.

After putting on the Witcher’s boots in the excellent series The Witcher, will we find the darling of the web in the combination of Commandant Shepard ? For now, this is a audacious series of extrapolations, even if the index unveiled by Gamepressure cannot be the result of chance. To find out more, we will already have to wait for Amazon to officially inherit the contract; we hope to know more very soon.

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