Prince George’s secret out – going on during the pandemic

Such is the father of such a son – Prince Williams’ burning interest has now been taken over by Prince George. During the pandemic, Prince George began a secret project.

Parents Prince William and Duchess Kate have good reason to be proud of their eldest son George, 9 years old.

Recently, it became clear that Prince George aims to change the world for the better. The prince had started a cake sale to raise money for a charity during the corona pandemic, it writes Hellomagazine. There is a special issue that the prince is a little extra passionate about – The wild and endangered animals.

The money raised went to a non-profit organization that works to counter the extinction of wildlife in Africa.

The prince’s concern

In connection with the collection, CEO Charlie Mayhew says that the prince wrote a cute little card in which he shares his concerns about the extinct animals in Africa, this according to Hellomagazine.

Prince George shares his interest in animal rights with his father. Prince William has previously commented on his concerns about the environment and climate. He is extra worried about the time when his children have grown up.

– It is heartbreaking to think that wild tigers, elephants and rhinos can be extinct by the time my children George, Charlotte and Louis are in their 20s.

It is unbelievable that 9-year-old George already sees the great responsibility he has and is trying to make a good impression. We like that!

Creepy detail – the new picture of George provokes strong reactions

Generations of engeagemang

The great interest in animal rights goes back several generations. Prince William was also brought up with the idea that the environment should be protected. Prince Charles was also an environmentalist. Prince William has been inspired by his father.

– His commitment to the environment and nature is something I want to recreate in my way of raising my children George, Charlotte and Louis.

It is still unclear how much money George received from his cake sales. It is safe to say that it was an important and very nice initiative on the part of the young prince.

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