Prince William is doing more to end homelessness

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Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. © Victoria Jones/PA Wire/dpa

His mother Diana also campaigned against homelessness and took him to visit shelters. Prince William now wants to continue this commitment.

London – Prince William wants to do more to combat homelessness in the future and thus take up a heart issue of his mother Princess Diana.

He wants to draw more attention to this “solvable problem” in the coming months and years, the royal wrote shortly before his 40th birthday on Tuesday (June 21) in an article in the homeless newspaper “Big Issue”, whose cover he is in this month.

Referring to his children, William added: “I hope to take George, Charlotte and Louis with me to the amazing organizations that do inspiring work in the years to come – just like my mother did with me.”

Diana, who died in a car accident in 1997, dedicated a lot of time to fighting homelessness. She took William to a homeless shelter when he was eleven. The Duke of Cambridge, as William’s official title is, recently took to the streets of London to help get the Big Issue magazine out there.

That didn’t go unnoticed for long, the PA agency reported: A line quickly formed and William sold more than 30 magazines in less than an hour – that’s how many a salesperson usually sells in a week. dpa

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