Princess Alba wears the Cacique in her skin with the launch of her album

The Princess Alba is quite linked to what it is Colo ColoHence, she is even demonstrating in her stage name by which she is known in the world of music. During yesterday’s session, Trinidad Riveros, made the launch of his first album that he called: kisses, take care of yourself.

The singer agreed to a conversation with the media where friends of RedGol, talking about this release of the album, but that despite these important instances that he is living in music, he does not forget his origins with the Cacique.

“Colo Colo is always an important part of me. I am not religious or anything, but for me Colo Colo is something to hold on to, for me it is super familiar it is something that has a lot to do with mine, a ritual of going to the stadium, meeting my family and encouraging something larger”.

But that was not all, since it was not the only thing he mentioned about it. “I feel that it is very cool that collective love that exists and begin to depersonalize and realize that you belong to something greater than yourself”.

He also took the time to talk about the Cacique’s current affairs. “Now I am super happy with the performance of the squad, that we won the last match of the Chile Cup. Super happy also with the new team of young people who are breaking it, they have all my admiration for the youth players. I am very happy that the stadiums have opened, I have had the opportunity to go to the stadium once now because I was very busy with the album “.

Finally, the singer added that “I have been in the busiest time of my life, I have not even seen my family. I am subscribed and I am trying to get tickets like everyone for when I can. Obviously I will continue with Colo Colo, to the grave, until I die and beyond “, Princess Alba finished.

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