Princess Diana’s mental state has been defamed through deliberate lies

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Princess Diana’s former private secretary was her close collaborator for eight years. In his opinion, his boss was defamed by King Charles’ team at the time with a systematic campaign. One would think that she was not entirely sane.

London – Each week, author Andrew Lownie, 61, and his friend, filmmaker and writer Phil Craig, 72, cover their podcast The Scandal Mongers scandals of the world. Former private secretary Patrick Jephson (66) is a guest in the upcoming episode. Pagesix was allowed to listen in advance and raises questions about Princess Diana’s image. The then Princess of Wales was not only considered thin-skinned, but also unstable and in poor health. She was the victim of a targeted campaign by King Charles III. (74) become a former team, he states.

Jephson doesn’t think the story should be swept under the carpet

Jephson says on the podcast, which will air on Spotify next week: “This isn’t just casual gossip, it was a systematic campaign. Okay, it’s been a long time though [. . .] the man they supported is our king now and these things should not be buried, they should not be brushed aside,” he says.

Princess Diana and her private secretary Patrick Jephson.  He reports on his impressions that he collected in eight years working for Prince Charles' wife.  He certifies her excellent mental health (photomontage).
Princess Diana and her private secretary Patrick Jephson. He reports on his impressions that he collected in eight years working for Prince Charles’ wife. He certifies her excellent mental health (photomontage). © Tim Ockenden/dpa (1995, Heathrow Airport) & Jörg Schmitt/dpa

Defending Diana, the former aide explains: “Given the life she led, given the pressures she was under, not only was she sane, but she had a kind of ability to make crazy situations right bring”. He is frustrated by this because, from his point of view, Diana’s mental health was considered to be commonly attacked, especially in the establishment.

Princess Diana died believing her private secretary Patrick Jephson was disloyal

For Diana’s private secretary Patrick Jephson, the “Panorama” conversation meant the end of his time as a royal employee. The relationship with his boss was broken. As Daily Mayl revealed Martin Bashir, 59, told the princess her private secretary Jephson was spying on her. The man who had been loyal to her for years.

Jephson was compensated by the BBC, which broadcast the interview: “The BBC accepts and recognizes that Commander Jephson was seriously harmed by the circumstances surrounding the 1995 interview with Diana, Princess of Wales was inflicted,” the broadcaster said in a statement. Jephson donated the compensation of £100,000 (114,697 euros) to a children’s hospice.

In dailymail he announced: “She died believing I had betrayed her after eight rewarding but often very difficult years of working so closely together. The sudden discovery that it wasn’t a misunderstanding but a calculated, cold-blooded fraud is still very difficult to process,” he explained.

“Princess Diana was thoughtful, sensible, grounded and funny,” says Jephson

Her accidental death is now commonly regarded as a tragic story, but it is also believed that she was fundamentally under-achieved and fundamentally a failure. He cites how cleverly Diana responded to the campaign. Jephson reports that Diana turned her defamation to her advantage “when it became apparent that her critics were trying to smear claims of mental instability on her.”

She confessed to her eating disorder and gave a speech about eating disorders. “I can’t think of a better definition of sanity than when people accuse you of being crazy and then you get up and give a speech about the illness you actually have,” explains the chief of staff. It’s a sign of exceptional strength, Jephson says. His employment ended because Martin Bashir (59), who insidiously lured Diana into the trap during the famous Panorama interviewhad claimed her private secretary was spying on her. Sources used:,, @The Scandals Monger Podcast

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