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Princess Kate’s absence from the Commonwealth Day reception raises questions

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From: Annemarie Goebel

Princess Kate wowed her fans at the Commonwealth Day service, but was absent from the Buckingham Palace reception. Her absence raised questions.

London – Prince William (40) came alone to the reception at Buckingham Palace after the Commonwealth Day service, which took place for the first time without Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022), who died in September. King Charles III (74) broke with tradition and delivered his speech personally from the great pulpit of the venerable Westminster Abbey on the day of the Union of Nations. The working royal family appeared in full, Princess Kate shone in the usual perfection next to the heir to the throne.

No sign of Princess Kate at the Commonwealth Day reception

But at the subsequent reception, the Princess of Wales was the only one who was absent. Some observers were puzzled by her disappearance and vented their surprise on Twitter. “Where’s Princess Kate?” one asked. And further: “I miss her at the Commonwealth reception”. Another said: “Wish Kate would have been there to give another master class on style.” A third summed it up: “Why isn’t Kate at the reception? She’s the only one missing. Very strange …”.

It’s understandable that Kate’s elegant look in a two-piece suit with a peplum by Erdem and a wide-brimmed hat creation by Philip Treacy had made you want more. The mother of three also made an exquisite choice when it came to jewelry. Catherine had put on the “Prince of Wales” brooch, which has traditionally been worn by the Princess of Wales since 1863, for Princess Diana’s sapphire earrings (36, † 1997). As his daughter-in-law, Kate received it as a gift from King Charles and is now allowed to wear it as Princess of Wales. However, if you looked very closely, you noticed that the emerald that belonged to the brooch was missing, as was Prince Williams’ wife himself at the reception that followed.

Kate’s peplum revival reminiscent of 2012?

Peplums were a ubiquitous trend in 2012. In fact, the peplum dress was the most searched garment of the year. Search statistics at the time showed that the term “peplum dress” was the most popular term of 2012, closely followed by rompers and leather shorts. It was spotted on the runways of Tory Burch, Peter Som, Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen in the fall of 2012. Glamor magazine called it “The Silhouette of Spring 2012”.

Presumably Princess Kate is dedicating herself to her three children instead of attending the reception

A look at the Palace announcement for Commonwealth Day quickly gave the crucial clue. As it turned out, the princess was never supposed to attend the reception. According to Kate, there was an administrative error hellomagazine however, shown as present in the first version. While King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla (75) invited the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, the High Commissioners, the Foreign Ministers and other members of the Commonwealth community to their annual reception at the Palace, Prince William, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, the Princess, gave themselves Royal and Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence honored.

Princess Kate stayed away from the reception after the Commonwealth Day service (photomontage).
Princess Kate stayed away from the reception after the Commonwealth Day service (photomontage). © Stephen Lock/Imago & Daniel Leal/dpa

Ahead of the reception, the King had signed the Commonwealth Charter, a document setting out the Union’s sixteen core values ​​to which the Commonwealth Heads of State and Government have committed themselves. The charter was signed by Queen Elizabeth II at Marlborough House on Commonwealth Day 2013. And Kate? It’s quite possible Kate was at home with her three children Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, instead. Both Princess Kate and Prince William want to share as much time as possible with the three mini royals. Sources used: hellomagazin.com

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