Princess Madeleine’s bodyguard warns – the bell robbers have struck

Robbers are ravaging Stockholm and are looking for watches in the million class. Now Princess Madeleine’s bodyguard is urging people to be careful about what they show.

Tom Schuterman has had a central presence in the royal family’s life for a long time. For several years he was Princess Madeleine’s bodyguard, and even today his security company, Paratus Security, is hired at major royal events.

He now warns of the so-called bell robberies that have taken place in several places in Stockholm recently, where several well-known profiles have been exposed.

The robbers proceed in different ways, but on several occasions they have pretended to be different couriers, such as DHL and flower couriers. Their goal is to access expensive brand watches in the million class, and they find their victims on social media, among other things.

Famous Swedish profiles exposed to robbery under gun threat

Just over a week ago, the TV profile Martin Björck and his family were threatened with a gun in their home in central Stockholm, all while their two-year-old son was present.

“Four men with guns broke into our apartment in search of a watch they knew I had. Everything went very fast and before we knew it they had taken what they came for, threatened us with life and then left the apartment. “, he then wrote on Instagram.

Recently, a business stoppage was also subjected to attempted robbery and kidnapping. And yesterday, a “flower courier” rang at the door of a business leader, but when the door was opened, a number of perpetrators came and entered the home in a violent way. The person was robbed of several precious items, including watches.

Princess Madeleine’s bodyguard about the robbery

Tom Schuterman has run his private security company Paratus Security for 20 years. As mentioned above, he was Princess Madeleine’s private bodyguard for a long time.

Nowadays, he has several tops in Sweden’s business as customers, and about 20 of his customers and acquaintances have been robbed of their watches recently, many of them under gun threat.

– You should definitely not post your new nice Rolex watch online, on any type of social media. That’s probably the worst thing you can do. You have to be careful today. I would say that Sweden is not the same country today as it was 20 years ago, now we have a different situation, he explains in TV4 Nyheterna.

Do you notice among your customers that people are afraid?

– Yes, they are much more scared right now, he says to the reporter.

Photo: TT

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