Princess Madeleine’s unknown side – now it’s coming out!

Royal? Always. Glamorous? Absolutely. Rigid? Yes sometimes. But spexig? No, it was a completely unknown side of Princess Madeleine, 40!

After the commercial: Madeleine’s spex with Nicolas – captured on film!


But now we got to see it, when Princess Madeleine’s seven-year-old Prince Nicolas finally marched into his duchy wearing a pair of navy blue sneakers with stars.

Although it was close to his eye that his mother stole the whole show!

Princess Madeleine rides the slide

Princess Madeleine went on the slide …

Photo: Patrick Trägårdh / TT

Princess Madeleine climbs on a roof

… and climbed to the roof.

Photo: Patrick Trägårdh / TT

And when it was time for her and Prince Nicolas to be interviewed by Swedish Radio Västernorrland, she totally let go. You can see her little mom show – it rolls in the movie clip above!

Prince Nicolas is interviewed by Swedish Radio and Princess Madeleine peeks out

Who would have thought that we would see Princess Madeleine joking about this?

Photo: Patrick Trägårdh / TT

Princess Madelene and Prince Nicolas at Skuleberget 2022

Or that she would start jazzing in the middle of the interview?

Photo: Patrick Trägårdh / TT

Princess Madeleine’s unexpected resemblance to the king

But maybe it’s with Madeleine as with her father the king. When Crown Princess Victoria was to describe him on his 70th birthday a couple of years ago, it was precisely his playful side and his humor that she highlighted:

– We siblings see it as such a big and important part of your personality. And I wish that more people would have the opportunity to experience it!

A bit like with Princess Madeleine yesterday, at the top of Skuleberget’s peak.

And Prince Nicola’s visit to the Duchy of Ångermanland was more than successful: “A wonderful day!” writes Madeleine on Instagram.

Princess Madeleine laughs during the summer party for My Big Day

Princess Madeleine – and her spiky side.

Photo: Magnus Ragnvid / TT

Crown Princess Victoria: “This is how the king is like a father”

Photo: Linda Broström / Royal Courts of Justice, Patrick Trägårdh / TT, Magnus Ragnvid / Min Stora Dag / TT.

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