Princess Sofia and Crown Prince Frederik’s unexpected connection – receives attention abroad

Now it’s being noticed abroad!

You can think you know most things about our royals, in fact they rarely do anything that is not caught by cameras and then adorns the newspapers. But they certainly have sides that are not advertised as much.

Now this is being noticed in foreign media – and our Princess Sofia and Danish Crown Prince Frederik have more in common than you might think!

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Chris O’Neill’s likeness to Sofia

It’s the site Hello who made a compilation of some of the royals who let their bodies be adorned with one or more tattoos. Although tattoos today are not something many people look twice at, they have long been taboo, and it is not very common for our royals to have them.

But both Chris O’Neill (who is admittedly not royal), and Princess Sofia have body adornments. Probably because they had no idea what circle love would open the doors to.

Chris has one tattoo, with a somewhat mysterious motif, while Sofia has three. On her neck she has a sun, on her ribs something described as “something leaf-like and a butterfly”. On her ankle she has a nice tribute to the family, E for father Erik, M for mother Marie, L for sister Lina and S for sister Sara.

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The link to Frederik

Sofia therefore had an obvious place on the list of royals who unusually got tattoos. But on the list we also find Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik, who has been royal since birth! He has a shark on his calf, and on his arm a tattoo to symbolize his time in the Danish navy.

On the list we also find both Meghan Markle and Kate, who is now Princess of Wales. Does that sound unlikely? Yes, it’s simply because it’s not quite right. Both Meghan and Kate have on each occasion received a henna tattoo, i.e. a non-permanent one.

Their tattoos only last up to four weeks. Something else can be said about both Chris O’Neill’s, Sofia’s, and Crown Prince Frederik’s ink.

Sofia’s cryptic tribute to family.

Photo: TT

Photo: TT

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