Princess Sofia shocks everyone with the new pictures from the castle

Princess Sofia did everyone a surprise during the gala dinner at the castle.

Princess Sofia was for a long time a question mark before the Spanish state visit. Technically, she is on maternity leave, at home with Prince Julian and in the middle of the baby shower, with all that entails. Would she then take a break from this and show up in a gala dress? The answer was, thank goodness, yes.

Princess Sofia surprises everyone in the new pictures

Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia completely shone during the banquet! Photo Jonas Ekströmer / TT code 10030

Jonas Ekstromer / TT

Sofia showed up to rub shoulders with King Felipe and Queen Letizia by her husband Prince Carl Philips’ side, and in retrospect most agreed that she stole the show. She wore a white, figure-hugging dress with silver embroidery on both shoulder and waist – a kind of revised wedding dress from the brand Safiyaa and the fact is that it is actually intended as a wedding dress.

Women’s White Heliconia Stretch-crêpe Gown ‘is the name of the creation, which costs 18,000 Swedish kronor.

To that end, she wore her tiara, which she received as a wedding gift from King and Queen Silvia. It is the same piece of jewelry as the site Jewellery valued at approximately SEK 40 million.

“She has a lot to take with her”

Sofia’s appearance was a welcome surprise to many. Norwegian Se og hör writes that it is surprising that the princess broke her maternity leave to show up at the castle and quotes her royal expert Caroline Vagle.

– With two small wild boys and a baby in the house, she and Prince Carl Philip, like all other parents of small children, probably have a lot to take with them, says Caroline.

– Today, it is fortunately a matter of course that the royals also receive parental leave and do not, as before, have to hand over the responsibility to others in order to carry out royal assignments.

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