PRISA Audio launches The Weekly Global, a podcast with weekly news

PRISA Audio announced the creation of The Weekly Global, a pioneering project in the Group in which prominent journalists from the PRISA media They come together to bring listeners closer to the main stories that have marked the present in America and Europe on a weekly basis. The new podcast starts this November 27 and can be heard every Saturday at Podium Podcast (PRISA Audio) and on the main global platforms

The well-known journalist Diana Calderon, from Snail Radio, will be the host of El Weekly Global, in which the deputy director of EL PAÍS will also participate, Monica Ceberio; the deputy director of the Hoy por Hoy program of Cadena SER, Jose Luis Sastre; the deputy director of EL PAÍS América, Javier Lafuente; the director of EL PAÍS Brasil, Carla Jimenez; the editor-in-chief of W Radio México, Primitive Olvera; Caracol Radio correspondents in Washington and Europe, Diana Castrillon and Amanda sanchez, respectively; the journalist from ADN Chile, Mauricio Hoffman; and the director of Diario AS in Colombia, Sarah Castro.

Diana Calderon explains that “in an increasingly globalized world, many times we are locked in the news of our city, of our country, without paying attention to a global reality that concerns us and affects us much more than we imagine. The challenge of The Weekly Global it is to provide our listeners, around the world and with the diversity of accents that the informative power of our Group allows us, the necessary knowledge to understand the current situation that, every week, modifies the societies in which we live ”.

For Maria Jesus Espinosa de los Monteros, CEO of PRISA Audio, “The Weekly Global is the first sound content of Rush Audio in which all its brands come together with a common objective: to tell what happens in this convulsed and accelerated world, putting into operation and maximum coordination the journalists of the world’s leading Spanish-language audio producer, led by Diana Calderón ”.

Espinosa de los Monteros highlights that “it is the possibility of uniting in a single sound content the credibility and rigor of our news brands (EL PAÍS, W Radio México, Snail Radio, Cadena SER, Diario AS and ADN Chile) and its distribution on our own platform (Podium Podcast) and on all the audio aggregators on the market. It is a reflection of the power of PRISA as a window to the world and the transformative role it can play in the podcast industry ”.

PRISA Audio is the transversal platform that groups all the podcast contents of the Group: EL COUNTRY, AS, SER string, Podium Podcast, Cadena DIAL, LOS40, and the stations in Latin America W Radio, Caracol Radio and ADN Chile, among others.

Where can The Weekly Global be heard?

Podium Podcast







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