Prisoner for gender violence left the cell and attacked his ex again

Prisoner for gender violence left the cell and attacked his ex again

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 | 6:00 a.m.

A week ago, El Territorio recounted the details of a complaint for gender violence in Oberá, in which the victim stated that her partner had intoxicated her and, taking advantage of the hours she was hospitalized, stole money and a cell phone.

That was the break in the relationship for the complainant, a 45-year-old mother of seven children who had opted again for living with a man after being single for seven years. However, she was the victim of violence and even sexual abuse by the defendant.

However, the ordeal did not stop. After being arrested for the aforementioned robbery, Juan Ramón R. (42) returned to her house with a knife and ferociously attacked her until he left her once again admitted to the local hospital. This is why the Misiones Police arrested the attacker again.

“From that day, after three or four days, the guy was outside, with everything he did to me and with everything I said and told. I don’t know how to explain what I experienced, what I went through with that man, I don’t wish it on anyone. Nothing,” said the complainant in a telephone conversation with El Territorio.

And he continued: “He went out on Friday and on Sunday night he came to my house, he ran over the gate of my house with a knife, he attacked me in the neck, which has the mark, he dragged me and hit me on the sidewalk outside. . That was Sunday night.”

The complainant, whose identity is being kept confidential, stated that due to the serious attacks she fainted and only woke up when she was in the Samic in the Capital of Monte. Aggravated injuries and threats is the face of the process and she is still waiting for a panic button.

“More or less four months ago we met on Facebook, then we shared the number, we talked and he came to Oberá from Buenos Aires. Supposedly when he came here he was separated from the lady, he said that she had screwed up his life with another man ”, he began by saying about the beginning of the relationship.

She has a farm and a neighborhood business, where she raises her three youngest children since the others have already formed their family.

Juan Ramón is a missionary, he was born and raised in the province but later he went to Buenos Aires, where he lived for many years. Those first days in which he was there were for the couple to get to know each other, so he then went to look for his clothes and returned to settle permanently.

“Those days it was a bread from God but later the dirt that it was manifested itself,” described the complainant.

Asked about when the violence began, the interviewee stated that it was “when I discovered that he snorted drugs. That’s where the violence began, the abuses, everything. In 45 years I have never gone through what I went through with that guy and on top of that facing my disabled son”.

What he claimed in his complaint is that he forced her to have sex without her consent and took money from her.

The attacks were such that the woman could not put them into words, she only repeated that what she suffered she does not wish on anyone. “She threatened me, she said that she was going to kill me and my children, that I shouldn’t tell anyone. I didn’t know what to do because he was living with me.”

The first event that led to his complaint, meanwhile, occurred on Wednesday, January 11. The couple had gone to Itacaruaré for a few days and on their return they went to the house of a brother of Juan Ramón. In that instance, they drank beers and she at a certain point began to feel bad.

She had previously had a headache and the suspect gave her two pills, although she is not sure what might have happened. She said that at a certain moment she fainted and the residents of the place took her to the hospital “more dead than alive” because whoever was her partner at the time does not know how to drive. The man accompanied her and at that moment she would have taken her wallet with 25,000 pesos and her cell phone.

The complainant assures that she was intoxicated and that everything added to the stress that she had been suffering due to the acts of violence that she suffered and could not express to anyone. When she returned to her home, her partner had disappeared with her money and her phone and she even found out that in the days in Itacaruaré the man had drugged her son.

She did not stay still. She tracked him down around the town and eventually found him at her brother’s house, where she had decomposed. She went there, she confronted him and asked for his cell phone, but the man said that she had sold it. She then called the Misiones Police, who intervened and recovered the phone, although not the money.

The man was arrested, but that was not enough. A few days later he went out again and hit her again.

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