Pro-Sangue campaigns on National Blood Donor Day

This Thursday (25th) is the National Day of the Voluntary Blood Donor. To pay homage to donors, the Fundação Pró-Sangue, from São Paulo, promotes the Blood Donor Week.

The objective is to encourage donation. The idea is to increase the stock so that there is no shortage of blood in December, a period in which there is a drop in the collection of bags due to the beginning of holidays and the end of the year festivities.

The Blood Donor Week started on the 22nd and continues until the 27th. Among the actions that are part of the schedule, there is the Hello Kitty campaign, which runs until the end of the month. At the Clinics post, in São Paulo, a decorative panel was made available so that the public could make a photographic record with the character.

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The collection units also have a special decoration with São Roque balloons. In this year’s round, Dona Déola with her cakes, Muppy juices and Luiz Brownie will help to enhance the snack tray.

The Pro-Sangue Foundation claims that blood donation remains safe, and the collection points do not pose risks to candidates.

To donate blood

The donor must make the appointment at the site and check the basic requirements for donation, the main ones being being in good health and fed, being between 16 and 69 years old (for minors, consult the Pró-Sangue website), weighing more than 50 kg and carrying an identity document original with recent photo that allows identification.

It is also recommended to avoid fatty foods in the four hours before the donation and, in the case of alcoholic beverages, 12 hours before. If the candidate has the flu or a cold, he should not donate temporarily. Even if he has recovered, he must wait a week for him to be able to donate again.

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