Probability of another 19S was 0.0007%

Violeta Meléndez / Reforma Agency

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | 05:00

Guadalajara Jalisco.— Although several experts have estimated that the probability of earthquakes of magnitude greater than 7 occurring in Mexico on the same day is very low, up to 0.0007 percent, Monday’s was the third to occur on September 19 in 37 years .

In the referred period there have been 23 earthquakes of magnitude 7 or greater, including 8.2 in 2017, and September 19 is the only date that is repeated by three.

Despite this coincidence, experts from UNAM and the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) maintain that earthquakes are random, unpredictable events, where environmental, atmospheric or human factors do not influence, but only the energy that needs to be released from tectonic plates.

“It is completely random, this is a large earthquake, but earthquakes of different magnitudes occur every day, it is a reflection that there is accumulated energy and at a certain time it is being released,” explained Rocío Castillo, a researcher at the Geography Department of the Center for Social Sciences and Humanities, from the UdeG.

“Large earthquakes occur in a homogeneous way, they do not respect States, you should not trust or relax the rules,” he added.

Given the fury that yesterday’s earthquake caused in the country, the UNAM published on its social networks that it is a natural phenomenon that has no explanation or relationship with any other event or situation, but rather plate tectonics. .

For her part, the researcher from the University of Guadalajara recalled that due to the fact that a large part of the country is susceptible to earthquakes, especially the Pacific coast, and it is necessary to reinforce preventive actions, from urban planning to construction and drills are improved.

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