Problems in Colo Colo: The signing of Chuky Ferreyra falls

Key and troubled hours are what you have Colo Colo at the close of the transfer market. Facundo Ferreyra, who I had everything agreed to get to the CaciqueHe would have made the decision not to come to the country to sign his link with the white square.

According to information provided by TNT Sports through journalist Daniel Arrieta, The forward would have made this determination due to some personal problems that arose in recent hours.

The footballer would have communicated with the board of Black and White to communicate this determination, complicating the decisions they had in this regard and for which the white box waited for its first reinforcement for the National Championship.

Ferreyra had a pre-agreement with the Cacique, but everything changed from one moment to another so that the forward made the decision not to come to sign with Colo Colo in key hours before the close of the transfer market.

It is important to note that the pass book and player registration is open until 6:00 p.m., so this complicated even more the arrival of the center forward who has been asking for the popular team.

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