Profedet: What to do if I don't get paid for a holiday?

Profedet: What to do if I don’t get paid for a holiday?

Because the spring bridge is approaching, being this Monday March 20the day on which one should rest, all employers are obliged to pay the holidayaccording to the Federal Attorney for the Defense of Labor (prophet), who will receive the complaints in case of non-payment, this interests you!

In The Truth News We want to tell you that it is article 75 of the labor law, which states that every worker will receive double payment if he works on weekly rest days or mandatory rest days, so the company you work for must pay you this amount in your next fortnight.

We recently revealed to you which are the mandatory rest days in March, but now we tell you that if you are planning to go on an express vacation at the next opportunity, you should consider making your reservations as soon as possible to get the best prices on flights and accommodation. .

Where can I complain if I don’t get paid for holidays?

It is mandatory that they pay you double on March 20. Photo:

If you find yourself in this situation, you can try to reach an agreement with the Human Resources department, but if that doesn’t make any difference, then you will have no choice but to go to a lawyer, which you can get for free at the Attorney General’s Office, where you will also receive legal advice.

That is why, if you work this coming March 20 and you do not get paid, you can make your complaint through the numbers 800 717 2942 and 800 911 7877, or contact the email [email protected], where an expert will It will guide you on the process you must follow to claim your payment or receive compensation.

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What are the holidays that are paid double?

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Labor Law, every employer is obliged to make a double payment to all employees who work on any of these 6 official dates in Mexico:

  • December 25th
  • 16 of September
  • may 1
  • March 21st
  • February 5th
  • January 1

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