Professionals teach for free how to make posters, GIFs, memes and podcasts

Peruvian who respects himself. 40% of Peruvians started a business during the pandemic, of which only 20% promote their entrepreneurship in social networks, according to the consulting firm Activa Peru. Given this, Two young Peruvians launched the ‘Survival kit for new creators’ platform. They are Héctor Delgado and Sara La Torre, who, through their web portal, teach in a practical, playful and free way to develop graphic and audiovisual content, from posters, GIFs, memes to podcasts and videocasts.

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“With the pandemic, everything has gone digital, so we need to reinvent ourselves and have an active presence on the internet. We will help entrepreneurs to become content creators, whether for social networks or the web “, explains Delgado, who is a photographer by profession.

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This digital platform was achieved this year thanks to the support of the Telefónica Foundation, as Héctor and Sara won the second edition of the ‘Virtual Space’ contest, which rewards the best projects that promote culture and education in the face of restrictions due to the pandemic .

“This Survival Kit is also for those people who are self-managing their own content for artistic, educational, professional purposes, etc. It can be a teacher, a housewife, schoolchildren or seniors. The content is useful and understandable for all ages ”says La Torre, who is a psychologist. Get to know the platform by entering:


Writer invites you to read his books full of incredible stories

Marco Rujel García’s books want to entertain and make people’s imagination fly, and at the same time they have the objective of revaluing Peruvian legends.

He wants to promote reading through the reading plan and at the same time make known the different legends, myths and beliefs of our country. Photos: Trome.

Peruvian who respects himself. ‘Be better than yesterday, always’ is a phrase that Marco Rujel Garcia is very present in his life. At 43 he is about to graduate as a civil engineer, he has his own business in the construction industry and has published four books, in which he captures his experiences and mixes them with Peruvian customs and legends.

“I am of a Cusco mother and a Piurano father, thanks to them I know many stories and customs of Peru. Added to that was my dreaming spirit. At 15 I left home to become a circus trapeze artist and practiced that profession until I was 30. I have also been a black belt in Taekwondo and have studied a little electricity and electronics. All these experiences have helped me to write my books, whose main character is a dog named Valentino “, says this proud neighbor of San Juan de Lurigancho.

Rujel García’s books want to entertain and make people’s imagination fly, and in turn they have the objective of revaluing Peruvian legends. “I want to promote reading through the reader plan, at the same time to make known the different legends, myths and beliefs of our country. I also hope to get to the movies with my novels “, indicates the writer, who is about to publish his fifth book.

You can request his works on Facebook, look for him as Marcos David Rujel García.


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