Profile of EliasN97 – Elias Nerlich: Between sport and social media

His role models: Cristiano Ronaldo and Elon Musk.

And that is exactly what makes Elias Nerlich special. Because: The former soccer player is now a content creator and innovative entrepreneur. Could he have a say in the future of the sport?

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Elias Nerlich actually played in the Brandenburg League, but then at the age of 19 he suffered a broken tibia and calf. Elias spent weeks in bed and started playing FIFA intensely.

What was then a stroke of fate, he now sees as a coincidence, because it was FIFA that became Eli’s key to success!

Elias streamed his games Twitter. This is how an injured “analogue athlete” became an unstoppable e-sportsman: Elias was able to establish himself as one of the top 100 and later top 64 in the world within a short time through his (first!) participation in FIFA tournaments.

In 2018 he was signed by Hertha BSC for the e-sports team. But his focus turned from performance-oriented gaming of the popular soccer simulation to content creation. In 2021 he joined the FOKUS clan as managing director and co-owner.

Elias made the most of his well-deserved hype. The young entrepreneur marketed his online presence: Eli established himself as a media and economic sensation. Digital projects also turned into analogue events and genuine companies!

► Eli hosts the “Eigella Cup”, named after his nickname. The best-known German streamers and e-athletes compete against each other in a real football tournament. The Eigella Cup is one of the largest events of its kind in the world. At the second Real Life Eligella Cup 2022, the team led by Elias made it to the semi-finals!

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► Elias also organizes Eligella Summer Games, where participants compete against each other in many disciplines (e.g. “Pool Quidditch”).

With his buddy SidneyEweka he founded the fashion label “Elevate”, which sells streetwear and gaming accessories such as neck pillows. After that came the vitamin water “Vitavate”, which Sidney and Elias brought with them Niklas Wilson Sommer have designed.

Elias is also co-founder of an app: With “PerformAll” the user can manage all data related to his fitness.

★ The sports club Delay Sports attracted the most attention. Sidney, the former Hertha jewel and Elias, the former Hertha e-sportsman, founded the football club in Berlin, which is completely shaking up the district league.

Delay Sports is currently playing in the 11th league. The club counts some prominent names among its players: Sidney Friede, Bilal Kamarieh and Kevin Pannewitz!

private life

Elias has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Melina since 2014.

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