Profiling: the complete ten seasons are finally available for streaming!

Good news for fans, the last seasons of Profilingone of the best French detective series, is finally available on Salto!

The frustration is over! Starting Friday, August 5, Salto is making available the final four seasons of Profiling. The first six seasons were to be seen so far on the French streaming platform, which thus completes its collection with the last four opuses of the series. Over a decade of investigations, Profiling saw several investigators succeed one another to lend a hand to the unsinkable commander Thomas Rocher (played by Philippe Bas, who succeeded Guillaume Cramoisan from season 3) within the DPJ. In this waltz of psycho criminologists, the policeman in ultra-tight jeans thus went from the lunar Chloé Saint-Laurent (role which launched Odile Vuillemin), to the disturbing Adèle Delettre (Juliette Roudet, coming from the theatrical scene), for finish alongside the former thief Elisa Bergman (camped by the singer Shy’m, who was making her acting debut there).

American-style investigations, which keep a French touch

In what Profiling does it stand out from other detective series made in France? By the quality of its scenarios, taken from the fertile and somewhat gloomy imagination of Fanny Robert and Sophie Lebarbier. From the pen of these two talented authors, who seem to have been nurtured by thrillers from across the Atlantic, the plots are very original and give a kick in the sometimes homely world of French detective fiction. Despite their darkness, these stories never sink into the sordid, achieving a clever balance. And these devious intrigues test the gray cells of the most seasoned amateur detectives.

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A series served by its cast of convincing actors

No immersion without a strong incarnation. This is made possible thanks to the troupe of amazing actors who make up the inspired cast carrying all these stories of great intensity. We no longer need to introduce Odile Vuillemin, the fiction addict who multiplies projects on the small screen, including the attractive miniseries The man of our lives on Salto, and that she toured alongside Jonathan Zaccaï, Flore Bonaventura, Helena Noguerra and Élodie Frégé. Philippe Bas, too, has become a familiar face on the small screen and has made TV movies, especially action ones, which he particularly likes. Juliette Roudet brought her unique touch to the series, making it change universe, before Tamara Marthe took over to fulfill with honors her first role in a television fiction. Rich in its variety, its formidable plots, its twists, its cliffhangers and its diligent casting, Profiling would have deserved a few more seasons.

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