Programming workshop at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

14 students specializing in “Media-Games-Making MGM” at BG Blumenstraße completed a four-hour programming workshop in Python at the invitation of Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences.

The aim of the workshop was the own programming of the famous game SNAKE. After almost 200 lines of code it was done and all students could try out their own SNAKE game. All of the students were also very impressed by the premises and courses offered by the FHV. Special thanks go to the organizer of the event, Mag. Claudia Fraceschini, and the trainer Michael Högerl. All participants received a well-deserved workshop diploma. The successful programmers of BG Blumenstraße were Barnabás Bükösdi, David Fliesser, Benjamin Gabsi, Naile Yarangünü, Matthias Hämmerle, Adrian Moosburger, Noah Pircher, Anna Catois, Mathias Huster, Dario Markovski, Anastasia Eric, Niklas Günther and Adrian März.

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