Progress is being made in the renovations of the figures

Colo Colo’s main objective is to be crowned champion of the national tournament. Although it was not the main goal at the beginning of the season, the good performance of the team is exciting and changed the priorities that previously aimed only to reach an international competition. In the middle of the good sporting moment, in Black and White they are already working on the preparation of the 2022 squad.

Emiliano Amor, Leonardo Gil and Pablo Solari have been fundamental pieces in the campaign. All finalize their loans with the Cacique and in the concessionaire they already have proposals to acquire the passes of these footballers.

Two of these cases could be resolved this day. With Love there are advanced conversations to extend their bond for three years and acquire the entirety of their pass for an amount of 800 thousand dollars; on the other hand, they hope to make use of the clause for 50% of Solari’s pass for 750 thousand dollars. Both cases could be resolved today if the board approves their continuance.

The situation of the Colorado Gil is somewhat more complicated, since it requires the investment of 2 million of the American currency, however, there are already formulas to advance in its continuity. This situation would not necessarily be defined today.

One of the main promises of the cast, Vicente Pizarro, also hopes to seal his continuity. There are economic approaches, but the years of the contract have been the obstacle to moving forward. The albos want a four-year contract, while those who represent the footballer are inclined towards a shorter-term bond.

Finally, there is the situation of Gustavo Quinteros, with whom the conversations and there is the will of both parties to continue. However, economic issues have not yet been discussed, so its renewal should advance in the next sessions.

The board meeting of Blanco y Negro is scheduled for this afternoon at 1:30 p.m. at the Monumental stadium.

Gustavo Quinteros has expressed his intention to continue in Colo Colo.

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